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Kanji 鬼灯
Rōmaji Hōzuki
Height 185 cm (6' feet)
Gender Male Male
Type Demon
Voice Actors
Seiyū Hiroki Yasumoto
Manga Debut A Demon vs. His Arch Enemy
Anime Debut The Biggest Hell/Strange Discovery in Hell
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Hoozuki (鬼灯, Hōzuki) is the talented, sadistic deputy of the King of Hell, Enma. He tries to solve various problems in Hell. In his spare time, he takes care of the animals and raises Goldfish grass.


Hoozuki is a tall man with black hair that part ways in the middle and has a horn on his forehead. He wears a black yukata with red lining and on the back, a Chinese lantern ( this represents both his name and symbol). It is also noted by many women that he is rather good looking. Noted by Momotaro and King Enma to be similar in appearance to Hakutaku.


He is very stoic and serious. It is implied that he is very manipulative.

He gets called a sadist often by various people, yet he himself denies it.

Gets angry when he is told that he looks similar to Hakutaku.


He has been serving beside Enma Daio since the beginnings of early Japan hell. Before that, he traveled around to research the establishment of hell system and frequented the areas of Chinese afterlife in order to seek knowledge.

Hoozuki was originally a human child sacrifice who died and mixed with demon fire. Enma gave him his current name of Hoozuki, a combination of his human name, Chou, (丁) and demon fire (鬼火).



  • His name means "Chinese Lantern" (Physalis alkekengi).
  • The kanji for "demon" (Oni) in Japanese ( 鬼 ) is the same character for "ghost" in Chinese.


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